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Only one account is allowed for Pro Realperson. A new account can only be registered in the case of a permanent suspension.

Data protection

The user data will under no circumstances be shared with other companies, not even for advertising purposes or for statistics.


Usage is at your own risk. The liability and responsibility for minors lie with their legal guardians.


There is no legal entitlement to an account. All users can be banned or deleted by the administration without cause and without prior warning.


No monetary amounts, credits, or other benefits will be refunded in the event of an account deletion or suspension.


All errors are to be reported to the administration immediately. No liability will be assumed for disturbances, outages, or data loss.


For data submitted or linked by the community, users are responsible themselves and indemnify the operators from any claims by third parties.


Commercial usage of the community is prohibited.


The law of the Swiss Confederation shall apply. Place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction is St. Gallen, Switzerland.