Project overview

ID Project link Details
www » (you are here)
endyr » Endyr Project details
rpg » RPG section Project details
rp » Roleplay Project details
spirits2 » Spirits Online Project details
starly » Stargame Project details
nazra » Nazra Project details
zauberwald » Zauberwald Project details


lib » Library Information websites
blog » Blog Online journals
visicatch » Visitenkatze Online business cards
gallery » Gallery Photos and picture gallery
forum » Forum Discussion forums
office » Office Calendar and group management
measure » Messungen Personal measurement service

In development

ynet » Ynet Development framework based on Node.js
ynet ss3 » Spirits Season 3 Arena-battles, adventure, tycoon
ynet mendell » Mendéll Text-adventure, fantasy, story


ydk sdn » Schatten der Nazra RPG adventure (demo, german)
ydk » Yhoko's Development Kit Development framework based on VB6
vbfx » VBfx Online tutorials for VB6 (english)