Project details

Status: Alpha test
Aktive testers: 2 / 243
Implementation: MMORPG, browsergame, 2D
Features: Action-adventure, realtime battles, crafting, farming
Topic: Fantasy, survival, zombies
Languages: German / English


Light brings life and darkness lurks with an evil that seeks to absorb all life in this world to become stronger.

At first there was a mighty sun that pushed back the darkness each new morning. Life flourished and grew under the protection of its shining rays for thousands of years. But even its power was not infinite and so it came to pass that the days grew shorter and the nights darker until one day only torches and lanterns could drive away the darkness. Yes, humanity had found a way to preserve the light and survive without the radiant globe.

It all happened a long time ago and the "Day" with its brightly lit hours was already just a myth in the stories of the grandfathers. How long will people be able to hold out against the darkness?

In Endyr you are one of these people and you're fighting for the light!

Endyr is still under development.